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In 2015,I was thinking of resigning and getting into business. I was scared stiff about leaping into the unknown.I wrote my resignation and stared at it for 2 months.I didn’t have the courage to give it to my boss yet I knew it was time to move.

One day a colleague found me in a pensive mood and I opened up to her. This is what she said to me;
On your death bed, what will you regret the most? That you tried and failed (my fear was failing) or that you never tried at all?
I gave out my letter the next day….that doesn’t mean I wasn’t scared anymore, in fact I had a running stomach that night I gave it out🤣.

1️⃣There will always be fear whenever you’re about to take a risk….feel the fear and do it anyway.

2️⃣Connect with a mission that moves you.
Why do you want to do this?To provide for your family,to build a house for your mum,to change lives…..

3️⃣Remind yourself of your mission.
A soldier going to war is a afraid,but the mission to protect and serve his country is a much bigger drive than his fears.What drives you?

4️⃣Ask lofty questions.
We are often afraid because we think something could go wrong…….
What if things went right? What if you succeeded? What if you got that job? What if you got that contract? What if s/he said yes?
Reframing your questions can change your whole perspective on things.

If you keep waiting for fear to go away for you to take a step forward, chances are you're gonna wait a long time.....Take a step today and get out of your comfort zone.

What fears are holding you back? Why?

Reflect on this.
The Conscious Coach.

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